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Research and Development: Together with Pantecnica in the design of soundproofing

Laborplast collaborated with Pantecnica in the creation of a soundproofing made of 100% regenerated and regenerable PVC, named NoViDamp.

Mechanical vibrations, impacts, and noises are among the major issues affecting the comfort of people both in homes and workplaces. Laborplast in partnership with Pantecnica, a company that develops and provides solutions for isolating and damping vibrations, noises, and impacts, answered the need for creating acoustically isolated environments where noise and vibrations generated by machinery and systems are mitigated.

The result is the NoViDamp® soundproofing, made of 100% regenerated and regenerable PVC, developed in collaboration with Phononic Vibes and Laborplast. It is a patented metatechnology that uses only regenerated plastic materials, developed in collaboration with t Politecnico di Milano within the Research and Development Project named "METAISOLECOMAT," co-financed by the Lombardy Region and the Cariplo Foundation.

This solution not only effectively addresses challenges related to vibrations, noises, and impacts but also contributes to environmental sustainability. It is a tangible demonstration that innovation and collaboration can converge to improve the quality of life in the workplace and ensure increasingly sustainable production processes.


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