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Whistleblowing reports

In compliance with Legislative Decree no. 24 of March 10, 2023, concerning "the protection of individuals reporting violations of Union law and providing provisions regarding the protection of individuals reporting violations of national legislative provisions," LABORPLAST S.p.A. ("LABORPLAST") has established an internal channel for reporting and has adopted the "LABORPLAST S.p.A. Whistleblowing Regulation," available by clicking here.

Who can make reports?

  • Employees and collaborators of LABORPLAST S.p.A.

  • Freelancers and consultants providing their services at LABORPLAST S.p.A.

  • Volunteers and interns, both paid and unpaid, working at LABORPLAST S.p.A.

  • Shareholders (individuals)

  • Individuals with administrative, managerial, supervisory, oversight, or representational functions, even if such functions are exercised purely de facto.

For these individuals, protection also applies during the probationary period and before or after the establishment of the employment relationship or any other legal relationship related to the work context.

What can be reported?

Reports, which should be as detailed as possible, concern violations of the law that harm the public interest or the integrity of LABORPLAST. Examples include the commission of a corrupt act or the violation of laws related to health and safety at work or the environment, as well as violations of LABORPLAST's Model 231 or Code of Ethics.


The following are not considered whistleblowing reports and will not be considered:

  • Disputes, claims, or personal requests related to one's employment relationship.

  • Complaints related to deficiencies in the services provided by LABORPLAST.

How to report?

Reporting Channels:

  • Internal (within the work context)

  • External (ANAC –

  • Public disclosure (through the press, electronic media, or dissemination means capable of reaching a large number of people)

  • Report to the judicial or accounting authority.


Internal Reporting Channel

LABORPLAST has adopted the following internal reporting channels:

  • A whistleblowing platform called WHISTLEBLOWING TESEO ERM provided by Resolve Consulting S.r.l., accessible at the following URL:;

  • Oral reporting through a dedicated voice messaging system integrated into the platform mentioned above;

  • Reporting through direct meetings.


For more details, refer to LABORPLAST's whistleblowing procedure, called "LABORPLAST S.p.A. Whistleblowing Regulation" available by clicking here, along with the annex "Operational Instructions for using the platform," available by clicking here.


External Reporting Channel

  • External channel managed by the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) (available at the following site reporters can use it only in certain specified cases indicated in the "LABORPLAST S.p.A. Whistleblowing Regulation," available by clicking here.

  • Public disclosure through the press or social networks: reporters can use it only in certain specified cases indicated in the extended information.

Personal Data

For information on the processing of personal data in the context of whistleblowing reports, refer to the dedicated privacy policy, available by clicking here.

Whistleblowing documents are only available in Italian.

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