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Gender Equality: Laborplast achieves the certification

Ensuring gender equality in the workplace: With this objective, Laborplast has taken a further step forward by achieving the Uni/PdR 125:2022 standard – recently certified by Dasa-Rägister – confirming its mission to provide all its collaborators with a workplace where women and men have access to the same opportunities and conditions.

The certification process involved a thorough analysis of company policies in six areas identified as significant for an inclusive organization that respects gender equality: Culture and Strategy, Governance, HR Processes, Opportunities for growth and inclusion of women in the company, Gender pay equity, parental protection and work-life balance.

These are fundamental issues for Laborplast, which has successfully passed the audit, demonstrating adherence to high standards in promoting gender equality and creating a work environment that values diverse skills and perspectives.

Barbara Colombo, Human Resources Manager at Laborplast, commented: "In the company, we believe it is essential to have an approach that ensures inclusivity and gender equality, and the certification granted to us by Dasa-Rägister is a further step in this direction. We have long defined our policies by stating the principles, objectives, and guidelines of our company towards gender equality, the appreciation of diversity, and female empowerment. A document that encapsulates our commitment to our most valuable resources".

The certification is more than a formal recognition. It is a sign of Laborplast's constant commitment to its employees and the community in general. It demonstrates that gender equality is not just a goal but a concrete possibility reflected in the policies and principles guiding its daily actions.


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