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PVC Rods

Rigid PVC is an inexpensive raw material with excellent mechanical properties. It has considerable resistance to many chemicals and weathering, excellent flame resistance (it is self-extinguishing) and good dielectric behaviour. PVC rods are used for various applications:

Mechanical: production of stressed parts such as gears, screws, fittings and other technical components.

Chemical: production of supports for galvanic baths, flanges, pump casings and valves.

Electrical: production of insulating bodies.

Design: due to their high aesthetic quality, these products are used as furniture components.

PP, PE Rods


Polypropylene (PP) has high electrical and chemical features, good rigidity and excellent strength. However, it is not particularly resistant to abrasion and weathering. PP is chemically resistant: up to 115°C it retains its strength properties in aqueous solutions containing salts, strong acids and alkalis.


Applications: mechanical, aeronautical, chemical, electrical, and construction sectors.


Finished products: tanks, plant components, fans, submerged pump parts, rings, flanges, pulleys, gears, and industrial brushes.


High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is highly resistant to chemicals, absorbs little water and has good electrical properties. PE is physiologically harmless and suitable for the food industry. It is a material that can be easily welded with traditional welding systems.


Applications: mechanical, chemical, electrical, and food sectors.


Finished products: equipment for the chemical industry, bins and containers, hopper and chute liners, pump components, sliding elements, rollers, gears, sliding guides, cutting boards, and industrial brushes.

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