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Since 2017, Laborplast has equipped an

in-house laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with advanced instrumentation: 

  • Scales for density calculation under ISO 1183-1

  • Zwick/Roell Plastometer for MFR (g/10min) and MVR (cubic meters/10min) fluidity measurement under ISO 1133/G

  • 20KN Zwick/Roell dynamometer for tensile tests under ISO 527-1

  • 20KN Zwick/Roell dynamometer for bending tests under ISO 178

  • Zwick/Roell 20KN dynamometer for compression tests under ISO 604

  • Zwick/Roell pendulum for Izod impact tests under ISO 180/5.5J

  • Thermomat Metrohm for thermal stability tests under ISO 182-3

  • FTIR Shimadtzu to verify the nature of any impurities in raw materials

  • Plasti-Corder Brabender to study the rheology of materials

  • Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer to check product colours.

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