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Plastic Second Life: a new certification for Laborplast products

Laborplast's products have received the Plastics Second Life certification from the Institute for the Promotion of Recycling Plastics (IPPR), which attests to compliance with industry standards, highlights the recycled content and allows traceability of materials.

Laborplast has been certified Plastic Second Life Mix Eco, obtaining the attestation that identifies those products obtained from mixtures of materials from separate collection and/or industrial waste that have a minimum recycled plastics content of 30 percent.

Thanks to an ongoing commitment to research and targeted investments, Laborplast is able to guarantee higher percentages of recycled plastics than the minimum required by IPPR within its cores and compounds. Specifically, 30 percent for UPVC-PR-EPI, UPVC-PR-EPR, UPVC-PR-INJ compounds, 40 percent for 1-T-RI classified cores and UPVC-RI-EPI compounds, 50 percent for UPVC-RI-EPR, UPVC-RI-INJ compounds.

Mattia Pariani, Head of Quality, Environment, Safety and Energy at Laborplast Spa comments: "Obtaining Plastic Second Life certification is the result of a long path of preparation that has seen us engaged in the research and implementation of solutions that would help us in our corporate mission, which is to enhance PVC recycling by bringing benefits to the environment and the community. Today we write a new page that attests our commitment to supporting sustainability through compliance with the standards ascertained by the IPPR. An achievement that once again confirms our commitment to an increasingly sustainable sector both on the environmental front and on the circularity of the economy."


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