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‘Operation Clean Sweep’ to protect the environment

Laborplast has joined more than 1900 companies that, in the world, have decided to take a further step forward in the process of reducing their environmental impact becoming a partner of Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS), the international program involving the production chain of the plastic sector.

The aim is to reduce the dispersion into the environment of powders, granules and fibers deriving from the production, transportation and handling of granules and plastic products.

Reducing the dispersion of these materials is a priority for the entire industry and a critical issue for our environment.These substances can go in the groundwater, contaminate local watercourses and marine waters, damaging the respiratory and digestive systems of birds and marine animals which very often mistake them for food.

With the aim of helping companies in keeping plastic resin out of the environment in order to protect it and keep it clean, the OCS program provides a manual, checklists, guidelines and other concrete and useful resources for achieving the desired goal.

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