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Let’s green the Planet

Updated: May 30, 2023

Laborplast has joined Treedom’s “Let’s green the Planet” project helping to plant a 400 trees forest in Cameron, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania.

Treedom is an online platform that allows you to plant trees and track their progress through a virtual connection. Founded in 2010, Treedom aims to promote reforestation, environmental sustainability, and the fight against climate change.

Furthermore, Treedom is committed to ensuring the sustainability of reforestation projects by collaborating with local farmers and indigenous communities, providing them with economic and social support. The goal is to create positive impacts for both the environment and the communities involved.

Through the Treedom platform, you can monitor the growth of trees, view photos and information about the reforestation project, and contribute to improving the global ecosystem.

At this link you can see the Laborplast forest.


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