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Laborplast obtained the CSI Recycled Plastic certification

Updated: May 30, 2023

Laborplast is the first Company in Italy operating in the production of cores and compounds in recycled PVC to have obtained the CSI Recycled Plastic Certification.

The certification conferred by CSI Spa, the multi-purpose Certification and Behavioral Analysis Center of the IMQ Group (Italian Quality Mark Institute), certifies the presence of a minimum recycled plastic content equal to 40% in cores and equal to 30% in compounds produced by Laborplast.

Roberto Pariani, CEO of Laborplast commented: “This recognition, rewards our commitment to support and develop the culture of sustainability, an aspect that directly involves our company. The sustainable future is part of our way of doing business and operating".

The recognition responds to the sustainability goals set by the European Union which requires a minimum quota of recycled plastic, verified thanks to an innovative system of traceability of the materials used and their compliance with specific regulations (UNI 10667 - Legislative Decree 152/2006).


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