Our team

To grow on a favourable environment encourages the members of any team. To grow for a favourable environment is the best incentive for Laborplast team. Apart from the business results the main goal of Laborplast workers is to actively contribute with their effort and ethical conduct to our planet environmental health.

Our participation to ENWHP project (European network for workplace health promotion) refers to good heath activities on workplace and to workers’ well-being. We make sure that each team member lifestyle improves and that the improvement is maintained on our workplace. Therefore each time decisions are made, each time you participate to the productive process with an innovation or simply doing your job, every team member keeps in mind the final goal: to grow in a sustainable way, inside the company and outside. Laborplast considers the participation of ENWHP project a success that is obtained everyday thanks to the commitment of each department members, from logistics to accounting, from sales to direction. Thank you all for this.