Laborplast main in PVC business is the production of cores. They are mainly created using LABORPLASTPVC-EPI compound, which guarantees great mechanical and aesthetic characteristic. Their area of applicability varies a lot: about 90% of our production is intended for the industrial flexible packaging wrapping, agricultural films and geotextile fabrics and non-woven fabrics producers. The rest of the production gets split amongst the construction business and brushes and abrasives producers. Laborplast cores’ inner diameter go from 25 mm to 177 mm and their thickness varies from 1 mm to 13 mm; most of the production concentrates on diameters from 3 to 5 and 6 inches (76, 128 and 152 mm). Laborplast can also extrude pipes with the customers’ scraps or compounds, with the possibility of adjust the initial composition to improve the final product performances.